The Cake Bake Show 2014

The ovens were on, mixers were set to full blast and all the chefs you could dream of meeting, were all under one roof. The Cake Bake Show had finally arrived, so the yummy feed team headed down to the Earls Court Exhibition Centre on Saturday which marked day 2 of a three bake-a-thon. Not only this, it was the perfect post to kick start Yummy Feed.

This was the first time the Yummy Feed team attended the show and we have to say it did not disappoint! Our eyes were popping out of our heads, and we had no idea where to begin. It was cake and bakes galore and our tummies could not have been more happy to be there.

We were spoilt for choice by the a vast array of different stands and stalls which you could visit. From decorating & sugar sculpture classes, to stalls selling various equipment, exquisite chocolates and freshly baked goods!

Here are a few stalls which stood out for us in particular…


This company know chocolate, simple. We were amazed by the craftmanship and the realism of their detailed chocolate creations. They showed off various tools, characters & everyday objects produced out of dark, milk and white Italian chocolate. Our favourite was the retro styled pure chocolate cameras dusted in authentic cocoa.


We had a fantastic time at this stall! Whilst learning about the quality of the sugar products Billington’s had on offer, we took advantage of the amazing FREE photobooth. Dressing up in ridiculous outfits, posing in front of the camera whilst consuming FREE brownies to compete for the best #bakeface of 2014 to win prizes! What more could you want!

The Continental Bakery

Writing about this stall is making me hungry again. If you love oversized fresh bakes & pastries, then this was pure indulgence. From donuts, to croissants, to cupcakes, to tarts breads – this stall had it.

The Yummy Feed team attempted the consumption of a GIANT eclair. This beast of an eclair consists of the softest choux pastry, filled with rich cream and topped with a creamy chocolate glaze – it was heaven. What better reason to have cake for lunch!

Main Demonstration Stage

We loved watching the 2 previous Bake off winners (Francis Quinn & John Whaite) create some beautiful bakes for the crowd giving us avid bakers some useful tips & tricks, with advice on sourcing ingredients, preparation & decoration.  We also watched Eric Lanlard demonstrating how to prepare his take on a pear tart with walnuts dusted in icing sugar. It was great to see the pros showing off their skills, watching all the mums and daughters watching in awe!

Tattooed Bakers

Amongst the crowds, Jonathan towering above the average visiter quickly spotted a collection of interesting show-stopper, large scale cakes. These cakes were quirky, odd and sometimes a little creepy, but incredibly artistic. The Tattooed Bakers cakes ranged from spooky gremlins, to menacing trolls and snarling witches bought to life with detailed painted fondant. You either loved or hated the designs – but we loved them, especially the cake displaying the infamous Mary Berry on a unicorn with Paul Hollywood burning in the floor. How could you not applaud something that bizarre!


Dulce Patisserie

We were stopped in our tracks by this little stand selling macarons. We were drawn in by the bright colours like little children, and inspected the products. Baked in the traditional French style, with a plethora of flavours – we quickly picked up a box of 12 before leaving the show!

Cake Craft World 

It’s in the name – Cake Craft World and it’s display did not disappoint with its eye catching displays and live sugar work demonstrations. In particular, what caught our eyes were the bright use of sugar paste to create these adorable animal characters. Just take a look for yourself…


OmniBlend is a revolutionary wholefood machine which can create anything from a raw living soup to a hot soup heated by friction, to a professionally perfect smoothie. In addition, OmniBlend can puree, mix, chop, grind and whip. It has the pure grunt necessary to grind grains, coffee and spices, make baby food, nut butters and milks, pesto, breadcrumbs, and crush ice. The creative possibilities are endless.

I think the biggest regret we have is not buying one of these machines. The demonstration itself was amazing, captivating and offered the presenter a “3 course meal” in cups. When I say a 3 course meal I mean a fresh smooth juice, a soup and sorbet. All made with Omniblend. You’re probably reading this part with confusion, how on earth did this make a soup, and I might I add when it was served it was indeed hot and cooked! It went in with COLD water and uncooked vegetables such as cabbage, courgettes, carrots etc and it only took 6 MINUTES to be ready. In this space Gary (I think his name was) managed to make a scrumptious mango sorbet…using mango puree and ice. Simple yet delicious.

What did we buy?

With the sheer amount of stalls and shops you really are spoilt for choice at The Cake Bake Show. We definitely walked out carrying out a few bags full of goodies to test and review. Be on the look out for up coming reviews on:

  • Gas hob protectors – because cleaning up isn’t any fun…
  • Make and bake
  • Progel (food colouring)
  • Fondant icing in white, ice blue and baby blue ( I feel a frozen cake is on the horizon)
  • Cupcake holders – because you can never have too many