The Best Bubble Tea in London

If there is one thing we love, its bubble tea, and we think we may have just found the best bubble tea in London. For those who don’t know, bubble tea is a tea-based drink, mixed with fruit or milk, typically paired up with delicious tapioca pearls, jelly or pudding. It is yumminess in a cup and both a drink and a snack in one!

Starting as a massive sensation in East Asia in the 1980s, the bubble tea craze has recently spread to London with stores popping up all over the capital. However, unlike the other shops, one in Soho has been going against the conventions, with the intention of re-educating London about quality bubble tea. Who are they? They are Biju Bubble Tea!

The Tea Room

First things first, the décor of Biju is something to admire. They aren’t going for the cute or kawaii look. Rather their light grey walls are accented with stripes of blue, yellow, pink and for added effect, exposed brick. In keeping with this modern and sleek look is the multi-level seating arrangements made from cork, perfect for socialising and meeting new friends.

“Don’t be fooled by it’s size, Biju can fit a major party inside…”

The Story

Nick, the owner, was a great person to meet. He was kind enough to invite us to Biju and even welcomed our friends and family. He genuinely has a keen interest in all his customers, listening to their feedback whilst interacting daily with fans on the various social networks –  Yes, that is him answering your questions!

Within 5 minutes of talking to Nick, you can tell how passionate he is about bubble tea and his products. Nick told us that he travelled to the source of the original bubble tea and studied with many professionals. However, he learnt that, “almost everywhere, including some multi-national brands used low quality or artificial ingredients” to make traditional bubble tea. Some of the worst he saw were companies storing pre-made tea within of large thermos buckets, only to be served, reheated and sold to customers later – #gross.

“Almost everywhere, including some multi-national brands used low quality or artificial ingredients”

Nick explained that, “In Taiwan, certified fresh organic milk more difficult to source than powdered milk and therefore it was commonly used as opposed to fresh in traditional bubble tea”. However, in the UK, fresh, organic milk is easily accessible and is the key base ingredient that makes Biju unique in the industry. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients possible from around the world Biju Bubble Tea is always made fresh and the tea is brewed only after a customer places an order.

 “In Taiwan, certified fresh organic milk was more difficult to source than powdered milk and therefore it was commonly used as opposed to fresh in traditional bubble tea”

The Bubble Tea

So what about their drinks? Well, it went down a treat with all of us, but especially with my little niece!

When I asked her for one of her favourite things from the tasting she instantly shouted “I like the guava popping jellies!”. This new topping has just recently landed in Biju and we completely agree with her, they are awesome! Little bursts of guava juice spray your mouth as you bite into them. Just like their other products, Nick has sourced only the best jellies – made with real fruit juice with no preservatives.

“I like the guava popping jellies!”

Onto the teas… good lord, these were yummy! Biju has something for everyone, and even offer a selection of Vegan friendly teas which are substituted with almond milk. We were lucky enough to sample a large selection of teas on the Biju menu and here are some of our favourites!

Cold Menu:

Iced Peach Tea with Guava Popping Jellies – My niece’s recommendation. This drink is refreshing and would perfect for the upcoming summer days (we hope to have) in the UK.

Honeydew Melon Milk with pudding – This was an unexpected love. Quintessentially Asian… it reminded us of sago with cantulope melon not too sweet, light and refreshing.

Mango Milk with Coconut Water Jellies – I think this had to be our favourite. True to their ethos, Biju prepared this tea using natural fruit nectar, providing an authentic mango flavour.

Taro Milk with Tapioca Pearls – A sweet classic, made using a naturally sweet root vegetable, perfectly paired with the tapioca pearls. I know it sounds weird… but trust us it’s a healthy, unique, delight for any avid bubble drinker.

Pineapple Coconut Water – Adding pineapple nectar to coconut water creates a delicious combination that is light in calories and perfect for those looking for a refreshing, rejuvenating drink. Fantastic for those seeking a healthy option, or have dietary requirements.

Hot Menu:

The hot drinks are made fresh as soon as the order is put through. Here are our favourite flavours…

Hong Kong Milk Tea – A blend of black tea is brewed strongly, filtered and then mixed with evaporated milk to create a strong and creamy milk tea!

Honey Green Tea – The perfect drink for the health conscious. Combining the health benefits of both these, it’s a powerhouse of antioxidants with the hint of sweetness thanks to the honey.

Matcha Green Tea – A classic tea. Made by blending green tea leaves into a powder, Biju combine this with their organic milk. This creates a smooth, healthy milk tea that is packed full of green goodness (the vegan almond milk version is really tasty aswell!).

Rooibos Milk Tea – Also known as Red Bush tea. This herbal tea is packed with antioxidants, has no caffeine and tastes delicious.

The Verdict

As you can see with our list above, there isn’t just one stand out drink on the Biju menu. I have to say we are in love with this place. We were made to feel comfortable and relaxed, whilst the team provided us with a fantastic experience and drinks! Nick, our  ‘bubble master’ (cheesy, I know) was a knowledgable, fantastic host. We learnt so much from him in regards to bubble tea, and support how he is challenging and innovating in the bubble tea industry. We hope to see more Biju shops popping up across London, and would recommend this place to anyone. Get yourself to Biju Bubble Tea!

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