It has recently come to my attention that I’ve totally overlooked a small gem called Mildred’s in Camden. Not only have I walked passed this place a zillion times, I’m pretty sure I was put off from eating there because it’s  purely sreves vegetarian and vegan food. However, when my friend Naomi asked me to dinner and suggested this place, I thought why not?

When I arrived, the restaurant was pretty empty and Naomi had picked a great table by the window! Great for our foodie snap session. Mildred’s had a nice atmosphere, very airy and bright. After catching up on everything, we quickly ordered our mains, a side to share and virgin cocktails.


Having similar tastes, both Naomi and I ordered a virgin mule. Made with ginger beer, elderflower, lime, vanilla syrup. I particularly loved the spicy ginger zing of this mocktail but it was nicely balanced with the added elderflower.

Mildred's Camden- Virgin Mules


The food arrived far more quickly than expected, which is never a bad thing! For our starters both Naomi and I were craving avocado. So we opted for the smashed avocado with lime, chilli and blue corn chips. This definitely satisfied our tastebuds.

Mildred's-smashed advocado and blue corn chips


For our main course, Naomi tried the popular wood roasted mushroom and ale pie with minted mushy peas and fries. I’m personally not a mushroom fan, but I have to say this did have great flavour. The pastry was delightfully crispy and golden as were her chips.

Mildred's- wood roasted mushroom and ale pie with minted mushy peas and fries

I oped for the Sri lankan sweet potato curry with roasted lime cashews, pea basmati rice and coconut tomato sambal. When this arrived, I was greeted by a fantastic fragrance and then it’s vibrant yellow colour. The curry wasn’t heavy at all. The sweet potato was soft and sweet and the cashews offered a great crunchy contrast to that. Overall, it was an enjoyable dish, the flavours were great and gentle. On a side note, one thing they maybe could improve is the sambal. When I think of sambal, I think fire and spice. But this one in particular was a bit too tomato-y.

Mildred's- sri lankan sweet potato curr


I’m not sure how, but Naomi still had room for dessert after a starter and a main! As she had been eyeing up the peanut butter brownie for a long time, she finally got to tuck in! However her expectations were not lived up to and she didn’t quite enjoy it as much as she had thought. When I did ask her about it,  she said she did enjoy the hot-cold contrast of the brownie and ice cream but as time progressed the brownie became hard and sickly. It wasn’t quite worth the £6.50 she paid for it.

Overall, Mildred’s was a great place to dine. For me it was an experience as Mildred’s exclusively serve vegetarian and vegan dishes which are packed with great flavour. The atmosphere was nice to begin with, but as the night drew on more people began to arrive. With that said, our waiter started to linger around the table, making us feel rushed and pressured to finish up quickly. If you do plan on visiting, making a reservation would be the best option, or arrive early and beat the rush hour!

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