The magnum pop up store, also known as the “Magnum Pleasure Store” isn’t around for much longer. In fact it’s due to close on 31st August, and if I were you, I’d rush down there now and get your own indulgent, personalised, freshly-dipped ice-cream.

Magnum offer a great selection of tempting toppings, allowing you create your own personalised flavour combinations. So how does it all work? You pick three flavours from the menu and the “Pleasure Makers” build your own Magnum. When we decided to venture down to the Magnum pop up, it was already 9:20pm. Due to close at 10pm, there was an estimated wait time of 30 minutes. Considering this was a Thursday night, shows you just how popular this place really is!

First up, select your toppings! I might add, if you are with kids, or are small like myself it can be hard to see what these toppings look like. Honestly, I was on tiptoes for the whole process, but it was still worth it. More to the important part, what did Jon and I choose?

First up Jon – Raspberry ice-cream, dark chocolate coating and topped with, rose petals, pistachio and chocolate brownie. According to my friend, this looked the most feminine, but I’ll admit, it does look great in the photos.

Me – Raspberry ice-cream, white chocolate coating, goji berries, crushed brownies and hazelnuts. I thought I’d be a little bit “exotic” with my selection of  the goji berry. For me, this was strange because usually goji berries would be used in soups or savoury dishes… however, if I’m honest, they added more texture than taste. Either way, I still wolfed it down.

As a finishing touch, each ice-cream was perfected with a drizzle of chocolate and a classic “M” branded chocolate coin for decoration.

If you’re wondering, the third Mangum belonged to our friend, and she selected the vanilla ice-cream, coated in milk chocolate and topped with strawberry white chocolate balls, crushed honeycomb and chocolate sprinkles.

So what do I think? I think it’s great for the novelty of having your own personalised Magnum and it was great fun watching then taste master put it together. For some it might be a bit sweet and sickly after a while, but personally I found it delicious and ate a whole one to myself, with no problem…