Look at the blossoms! If there is one thing I love about spring, it’s the cherry blossoms that come out to bloom and well, make me sneeze. Hay fever aside, it’s been pretty hard not to have noticed, but social media has been ablaze with photographs of the infamous cherry blossoms in Japan. In celebration of this, WA Café located near Ealing Broadway station created some great treats to highlight the versatility, beauty and yumminess of the Sakura blossom.

With these mouth-watering Instagram pictures I messaged Jon and some friends to arrange another tea date at WA café over the weekend. Either way, I was going to get my little hands on these Sakura cakes even if it meant travelling well over an hour to get them (I live in North East London). But what I love about WA café, besides their food of course, is how authentic it feels and the décor. It even has an automated door system which if I’m honest I love pressing each and every time! Their bread and cakes are made fresh right out of the kitchen and you can even see them making it from the small kitchen window by the counter!

So onto the tea date! Here’s what we ordered!

Sakura “dome” mousse cake

It had to be ordered. Not only did it look beautiful with its glossy exterior, it actually was coloured to mimic the sakura flower encased on the top. The mousse was the perfect texture, and inside was a tiny pocket of fruit. I’m not quite sure what it was but I could only guess it was some kind of sweet plum? If you’re also wondering, I did dare to eat that flower on top and it was weirdly salty…

Sakura rolled cake

Another limited edition to the menu, it was a must try. This roll cake was sprinkled with blossom petals, filled with pink cream and a generous cut of again, I can only assume was sweet plum or some sort of bean paste.

Sakura rolled cake 1

Choux Trios

A trio of crusty choux pastry filled to the brim with a whipped sesame, matcha and azuki custard creams.

Choux trio

Strawberry Rolled Cake

This roll cake has maple syrup flavoured sponge with a lightly whipped strawberry cream and is topped fresh strawberries.

…and to wash all this yumminess down, we all indulged in a Matcha latte!

Matcha Latte

Unfortunately they’re no longer selling these delightful pink delights, but that should not stop you from visiting this café. Specialising in Japanese patisserie, WA café’s menu is sure to please everyone! Not only do they have some great fusion patisseries like a yummy White Sesame Cheesecake but WA café also serve up some firm classics like Chocolate and Praline cake. Oh, I forgot to mention they serve up a delicious selection of teas, coffees and MATCHA. Just take a peek at their menu and tell me, aren’t you tempted by these cakes?


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