As if we hadn’t eaten enough already in part I, we swiftly moved onto our main courses of our extravagant meal at Pied à Terre .

Main Courses

Suckling Pig, Turnip, Chorizo, Tarragon, Wild Garlic

Pied à Terre

This dish was highly recommended by the staff at Pied à Terre, and if I’m honest it did catch my eye on the menu. When it arrived, it was both a delight to look at and to eat. The crackling was perfect – crispy on the top, with a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture accompanied by mild salty tones. Beneath this was the juicy and tender pork, which was delicious. Another notable texture on the dish was the marrow, its softness and smoothness was equally a great contrast to the crackling. The marrow was topped with warm and spicy chorizo. The flavours of the chorizo were bold and provided a great spiciness to the dish and paired well with the meaty flavours of the suckling pig. The dish was garnished with fresh, thinly sliced radish alongside piped tarragon puree. These garnishes balanced the dish by subduing some of the rich oils coming from the cuts of suckling pig and chorizo. This was yet again, a highly refined, delicious course.

Pied à Terre happily provided advice of drinks and paired red wine. From the selection, I chose “The Fernlands Pinot Noir (2013)” with my pork.  According to Mathieu (our waiter for the evening) the flavours found in the wine came from dark berry fruits, lifted by the added punch of crushed pink-peppercorns. When researching more into this wine, apparently, tasting notes of strawberry with hints of vanilla and coconut can be found, alongside cherry scents. This wine paired perfectly as Mathieu had promised and tasted wonderful.

Fallow deer, fregola sarda, black pearl curry, red pepper ketchup and aubergine

Pied à Terre

This was another hearty comforting dish. This was easily Jon’s favourite dish of the night. The presentation again, was simple yet effective. Sometimes, it’s enough to just simply appreciate eating quality venison, cooked to a perfect medium on a plate. The fallow deer was not overly gamey in flavour, and was rolled in burnt onion and curry powder which gave its interesting black outer skin. The fregola sarda and black pearl curry deer was served in a separate dish, which was very delicate in texture and soaked up any flavour it was close to. If I’m honest, I’d say this cut of deer was the most tender meat I’ve ever had and this was because of the young age of the deer. The meat cut like butter and equally melted in the mouth. The meat had deep rich flavours and paired well alongside the spots of sweet red pepper ketchup and earthy aubergine. The red pepper ketchup, actually tasted like sweet tomatoes rather than peppers, but was still an excellent accompaniment.

To match this dish, we were recommended Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva, Mezzacorona (2012). The colour of this wine was an intense ruby-red, and mirrored that of the young deer on Jon’s plate. The aroma was pleasant and fruity.

Cheese Board

If we hadn’t already eaten enough, to our surprise we were brought a large platter of cheese that varied in strength and taste. However, as we were unable to decide what to try, or well Melissa couldn’t, we were allowed to sample all 6 that were on the board. We were given special instruction to eat them in a certain order, beginning with the least pungent and working up all the way to the most strongly flavoured and smelliest.
  1. Mothais sur feuille Goats cheese, Poitou Charentes
  2. Tomme Brulee, Ewe milk cheese, Basque Country
  3. Vacherin Mont d’or, Cow’s milk, Juria Area
  4. Brie de Meaux, Cow’s milk, Paris
  5. Stilton, Nottinghamshire
  6. Epasse, Cow’s milk, Burgundy area


Palette cleanser – Blood orange granita 

Pied à Terre - Blood orange granita

In order to get our taste buds ready for dessert we were each given a small a palate cleanser. This was filled with an orange and olive oil concoction (curd-like in texture) topped with yoghurt foam and icy blood orange granita. This was refreshing, tart and sharp at the top but once you got to the bottom, the orange and olive oil concoction was sweet and smooth on the tongue. Perfect to help clear our palate and improve our breath after the rather pungent flavours provided by the cheese board!

Hazelnut Parfait, Gianduja Cremeux, Tonka Bean 

Pied à Terre - Hazelnut Parfait, Gianduja Cremeux, Tonka Bean

Yep, if you can believe it, we were still eating! To end the Pied à Terre experience, we were presented with the incredibly beautiful ‘Hazelnut Parfait’, which was simply a work of art. This dessert was pure decadence, truly a chocolate and nut lovers dream. So how did it taste? Well, firstly you’re probably wondering what on earth ‘Gianduja Cremeux’ is. Gianduja is a sweet, chocolate spread made up of at least 30% hazelnut paste which is combined with gelatine and other dairy based ingredients to make a very silky and tender textured dish, ‘Gianduja Cremeux’. It was amazing! It had a similar texture to a panna-cotta with hazelnut with praline flavours running throughout its smooth form. The Tonka bean ice cream was smooth and creamy and had a frangipani type flavour. Also on the plate was a rich, thick quenelle of chocolate, which was ridiculously rich, but went well with the strong hazelnut flavour of the parfait. The dish, was topped with crunchy, caramelised hazelnuts on top, that gave the added variance in texture the dish needed to make it truly magnificent. We were both tremendously impressed with how refined and spectacular this dessert was.

Petit fours (White Chocolate & Cardamom, Mango & passion fruit jelly, Salted caramel chocolate)

As much as we both wanted to eat these, neither of us could physically fit any more food into our stomachs. Kindly, the staff at Pied à Terre wrapped up these petit fours to go and we enjoyed them the very next day. Our particular favourite was the white chocolate and cardamom. Not only was the aroma of the cardamom great, its’ taste proved just as strong and paired very well with the sweet, white chocolate.

Finally, as it was Jon’s birthday, the team at Pied a Terre were kind enough to celebrate it with us. They did try to wait till 12 AM but alas, we did ruin that by eating too fast! With that said, the team brought out more petit fours for us, and a beautiful plate with the words “Happy Birthday”.

Happy Birthday Jon

Overall, both Jon and I had a fantastic experience at Pied à Terre and us spending a total 5 hours there is proof that we just did not want to leave. The food was outstanding, to the point where we could not refuse anything placed in front of us. We left with big smiles on our faces, and we will unapologetically admit, we did waddle out of there. #FoodBaby

Also, check out this amazing leaving gift Pied à Terre gave us! A takeaway bag full of the freshly baked bread that we happily ate throughout the meal. Love how they made it into a mini foil handbag!

Take away bread in a handmade foil bag

The food was the main superstar of the evening, but the service also deserves to be ranked just as high. It was outstanding, and those working in the restaurant, Mathieu, Jeremy and Yoann all had great patience with us. They carefully described all the dishes that came our way, and better yet, all had a brilliant sense of humour. What was also wonderful to see was that their diligent and warm-hearted service was given to each and every customer within the restaurant whilst we were there. Being there for 5 hours, we saw a few diners come and go, and noticed that each customer was given care and attention.


*This post was in collaboration with Pied à Terre.

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