Thai Silk in Southwark is the latest addition to the prestigious Royal China Group.

Just a five-minute walk from Waterloo station, and located behind Southwark underground station, tucked under the railway arches, Thai Silk is in a great and prime location within Central London.

Thai Silk’s décor features traditional decorations such as a gold Buddha’s, wall art, and an eye-catching Hong (a celestial swan, which took me a while to decipher.) It is warm and welcoming, just like the staff.

To ensure that the food at Thai Silk is authentic, they source approximately 80% of the native ingredients from Thailand. However, where possible they try to use locally sourced ingredients. According to Thai Silk’s website, the chefs have created a traditional yet innovative menu. The signature dishes include Panaeng Gae (Massaman curry with lamb shank); Kaeng Kiew Wahn Neua (Traditional green curry with beef); and Kao Phad Subpraround (Pineapple fried rice). Just to name a few…and get you guys’ hungry.

Unfortunately, Jon aka the tall one couldn’t make the dinner, so instead I brought my good friend Becky. So here is an overview of what we ordered that night. Yes, we did order quite a lot, and as per usual our eyes are far bigger than our stomachs. But then, the leftovers made for a yummy work time lunch the next day!

Thai Silk Southwark - all dishes orderd


Som Tum – Papaya salad

So one of my favourite, and I mean a favourite dish from Thailand is papaya salad. I really love the freshness and crunch of the papaya combined with the spiciness of the chilli. The Thai Silk version of the salad was just as fresh with a great spicy kick. When ordering this dish, the waitress did warn us of the spice level. She mentioned this was super spicy, and it may be for those not accustomed to spice. On my first bite of this salad, there was a major chilli kick, but it was enjoyable…then again, I can handle my spice.

Poonim Phad Prick Thai Dam – Wok fried soft shell crab with black pepper

If there is one thing I’ve now learnt, both Becky and I have a similar train of thought, when it comes to food. Flipping through the menu, both our eyes set on this, and we knew with one look, it was going to be ordered. Yes. I know, probably not the most authentic dish we could have ordered, but nonetheless, still appetising to our stomachs.

When looking back at all the dishes we consumed, both Becky loved this dish. It’s been a while since either of us had eaten crab, and this did not disappoint. It was delightfully salty from its sauce, and although not as crispy as I envisaged it, (I wish it were crispier) it seemed to work with this sauce.

Kai Bai Teoy – Traditional Thai style tender pieces of chicken wrapped in an aromatic Pandan leaf

Pandan isn’t something you see on a London menu, and many people still don’t know what it is. But it is used throughout Asia, and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Although this chicken was fiddly to deal with, it was light and fragrant from the leaves. Not quite as soft as I thought it could have been, but it did taste quite nice.

Kaeng Kiew Wahn – Thai Green curry

This dish came recommended to me, and if I’m honest it was not quite as amazing as I had hoped. Perhaps I’m dreaming too much of the curries I ate in Thailand, and maybe I did miss the small aubergines native to the country, but I thought this could have been a bit more fragrant , and flavoursome in its flavour. If I were to go again, I don’t think I would order this again. This curry for me, just didn’t hit the spot. Perhaps I need something with a bit more kick and spice, but what definitely caught my eye recently is the signature Lamb shank dish! Now that looks amazing, and is definitely Instagram worthy!

Phad Thai

Phad Thai is a well-known dish from Thailand, and you’d expect a Thai restaurant to be able to execute this dish perfectly well. As our table was filled with meat and seafood, we opted for the vegetarian option of tofu. When it arrived, I could instantly smell the sweetness, which I can only assume was down to the tamarind paste.

Thai Silk Southwark - Tofu Phai Thai


Phad Makeur Yeow – Stir fried aubergine with fresh chillies and sweet basil.

There isn’t much I can say about this dish. Simple with its ingredients and taste, it’s a classic dish that was enjoyed by the both of us.

Thai Silk Southwark - braised aubergine

Kao Phad Subpraroud – Pineapple rice, fried rice with pineapple and shrimps served in a fresh pineapple shell.

I’ll admit this, when I first tried this dish in Thailand I was intrigued. Usually I don’t like to mix fruit with savoury dishes, but when this arrived on the table it was a sure winner. The freshness of the pineapple contrasted with the saltiness of the fried rice, or the freshness and juicy prawns just works. Plus, it being served in a pineapple shell…Instagram perfection! Thai Silk’s version, it just as good as I remember from Thailand and the portion serving was more than enough for 2 people. I was even able to take some of this away, and have for it lunch the next day at work! It tasted just as good.

Thai Silk Southwark - Pineapple rice


And finally for dessert the Thai Pandan Pancake, because why not?



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