When it comes to eating Chinese food out, I can be over critical, naturally. But that’s normal right? So, when both Jon and I heard Royal China Fulham had just launched a new evening dim sum menu. We were intrigued and headed down there after work one evening.
The nearest station to Royal China Fulham, is Parsons Green. It’s only a 5 minute walk from the station, where you’ll pass streets lined with beautiful homes before arriving at the cozy, yet ornate little restaurant. Once we were seated, we dived straight into the menus. We first went through the A la carte menu , which looked fantastic at first glance. However, we then wondered where the evening dim sum menu was. Feeling slightly confused, we asked the staff about the seemingly missing evening dim sum menu, that brought us there in the first place.

The waiter showed us the very small evening dim sum menu, which was made up of two choices. The first was a steamed mixed platter with a selection of  5 pieces, and the second, a platter of steamed ‘Shanghai’ style, pork dumplings. Despite the limited choice, we were in the mood for dim sum and decided to try it, as we had heard good things. We ordered the mixed dim sum platter, which was presented in a traditional bamboo steamer. The dim sum were cooked, deep-filled and flavoured well, but we felt the platters very limited and quite overpriced. The high price of £15 meant sharing the mixed platter, which resulted in us awkwardly cutting each piece in half in order for us to share and try them together, which was not the most ideal situation.  In our opinion, we concluded that it could be to do with the time we visited. We think that if you plan to visit, you’re better off trying the other dishes they serve, or make their lunchtime or Sunday service if you want dim sum. Not only is it better value at these times, but there’s more choice and variety.

After dim sum, we ordered some dishes off the A la carte menu. Our favourite dishes came from this menu, especially one dish from the Chef’s specials,  ‘Stewed eggplant with minced prawn in a spicy sauce’. Jon and I loved this dish and paired it with our bowls of steamed rice. The texture of the aubergine was soft and contrasted to the crunchy bell peppers and mince meat. The seasoning was on point and it wasn’t too spicy. This dish in particular reminded me of Mumma Wong’s stuffed aubergines in yellow sauce.

Another favourite, was the stuffed Braised bean curd (tofu) stuffed with minced seafood. The tofu they used was firm, and they held their shape which is a good sign. My favourite part of this dish was the topping on the top, lots of sauce topped with all the aromatics. With each bite, I could taste the garlic, ginger and chives.

When eating Chinese cuisine, one must order duck; but how it’s cooked is entirely up to you. For this night, we decided to get the roast duck. Just look at the glistening skin, and juicy meat (*drool*). I’ll admit, there were quite a few bits of bone, but that’s pretty normal. You just have to be willing to get your fingers dirty, and of course Jon did because his chopstick skills are nothing compared to mine!

So, what probably got your attention is that little prawn in our feature image right? That comes from the ‘Szechuan style, Sautéed Prawns with Red Chilli Sauce’, that we also ordered. According to the menu, this was listed as one of their signature dishes. Initially, after I first took a bite the flavour kind of reminded me of sweet a sour with a spicy kick. However, as I ate more I realised that it wasn’t a typical sweet and sour flavoured dish, that are usually extremely acidic. The spices used, along with the heat from the chilli, added more complexity and refinement to the overall flavour.

Here’s a couple of shots from the overall spread we had that night…

As our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, both Jon and I ordered desserts. My first choice of the chilled tapioca with yam in coconut soup was not available, so I went for the mango and grapefruit version. Likewise, Jon’s initial choice of the fried red bean pastry would have taken 15-20 minutes to prepare, so he opted for a traditional mango pudding. The bright yellow dessert arrived within 5 minutes and were devoured in about the same time. My tapioca was nice and refreshing thanks to the grapefruit and Jon’s was smooth and creamy.

Overall, both Jon and I enjoyed the meal at Royal China, Fulham. The atmosphere was welcoming and quite cozy. The staff were friendly and helpful throughout the meal. The only thing I would point out is the price point of Royal China. Royal China brands itself as a ‘luxury’ chain and indeed their quality of food and price reflect this. If you happen to want quality Chinese food, or even delicious dim sum (Sunday dim sum service is advised) then you need to be willing to pay the price. At approximately £10 per dish or more, this is restaurant is for special treats and occasions, it’s not your local takeaway.

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*This was a collaborative post with Royal China. All opinions are our own.