Sometimes we have those incredibly busy times where we struggle to fit in time with those important people in our lives, due to work or any number of things. So, how do you make up for not taking your girlfriend out for a date in nearly 2 weeks? You take her out to brunch. I can’t say this works for every relationship, but it definitely works for ours! I stayed in East London at Melissa’s this weekend and therefore we had the opportunity to get up early and get our brunch on. So where did we go? We scouted a few potential places to go and eventually decided to venture to ‘The Good Egg’ in Stoke Newington, to see if their brunch experience lived up to the hype. You can find out more about ‘The Good Egg’ on their website.

We showed up to the place around 12pm and hoped for the best as reservations were not available for small groups. We got the sad news that it would be an hours wait. I looked at Melissa and knew she was getting #hangry, but we decided to wait, as we knew it would be popular and we were added to the list. We passed the time by walking around the ‘Hackney Flea Market’ around the corner, where we saw the most amazing copper pan sets and other retro products and crockery. If we had our own place we would have definitely have considered buying something, but if you do, you should definitely pay a visit if you like that kind of thing.

Once seated, we admired the interior of the restaurant. Minimal, fresh décor with fresh veg by the walls and other culinary products lining shelves above – lovely. We then both dived for the menu! We were both pretty famished by this point and needed some grub. So what did we order?

Latte –  £2.20

Recently, I have become a bit more into my coffees ever since my Australian mates introduced me to “proper” coffee. Once you’ve tasted high-quality coffee, every other mediocre cup of coffee you were used to drinking before becomes instantly inferior. So, ‘The Good Egg’ serve a pretty good latte; it wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it was definitely one of the better ones I’ve tasted. Now I’m no coffee connoisseur, but I can say that I usually judge a coffee on whether I feel the need add sugar to it or not. If the coffee is a good one, the flavour is rich enough that it doesn’t require sugar. I can happily say this latte was rich, creamy and I didn’t need sugar for this one.

Latte - Back View

Watermelon Juice – £3.50

One word, “refreshing”. The juice tasted fresh, had a strong watermelon flavour and was served in an ice-cold glass. It acted as both a tasty drink and a palate cleanser between dishes.

Cornbread Slice – £4

Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar in Covent Garden had been our favourite for cornbread up until this point. However, after eating the freshly baked & griddled cornbread from ‘The Good Egg’, they have taken the crown. It was so soft, light and fluffy. It was served with two delicious sides, including salted honey butter (yep, you heard right) and Yemenite green chilli zhoug. We only lightly spread some of the butter on the cornbread, as it was pretty rich and would have ruined it if we had used it all and smothered it. However, the Yemenite green chilli zhoug was a different story, as we could not get enough of it. We both preferred it to the honey butter, mainly because it wasn’t as sweet and was new kind of combination we had not had before. It tasted like a chilli pesto/salsa, but was subtle, fragrant and not too spicy, which worked perfectly.

Cornbread Slice

Shakshuka – £9.50

Baked eggs with tomato and peppers, topped with preserved lemon yoghurt, sumac and a challah roll. Having previously seen photos of this dish, I knew it was going to at least look wonderful. The question was, would it taste as good as it looked? –  Well, I was about to find out. I dived in pretty quickly, breaking the yolks with my freshly baked sour dough bread. The beauty of this dish was that each individual part of the dish was already delicious. However, when eaten all together, you get unique sweet and savoury flavours that work really well together. For example, the sweetness of the red pepper sauce with the savoury egg yolk and slightly sharp yogurt dressing all balance the dish. We had the choice of having either rare-breed merguez sausages or grilled halloumi with the dish, which both sounded delicious. I went for the sausages, and as expected, contrasted the sweet pepper sauce well, with flavours similar to a rich meaty stew, when eaten together.

Iraqi Aubergine Pita – £7

Sabih, a Tel Aviv-style pita stuffed with egg, fried aubergine, zhoug, mango amba, tahini and house pickles. Melissa ordered this duo of pittas, which were delightful. Another new dish we had not eaten for breakfast before. The combination of flavours in this dish were quite unusual.  At first, we weren’t sure whether this would all work together, but it does.


Overall, The Good Egg has had mixed reviews from a few different people. We are happy to say that we loved the food we ordered. Delicious, inventive and unique dishes are what made dining at ‘The Good Egg’ such a lovely brunch experience. So, if you are looking for a chilled, reasonably priced brunch spot, that will serve you something a little different from your more traditional pancakes and Eggs Benedict –  then head over to ‘The Good Egg’ in Stoke Newington.

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