Welcome to Yummy Feed! Your one stop blog for all things yummy.

So who is behind Yummy feed? Simple, two foodies from London, one small and the other tall. But one thing for sure, we share the same passion for food.

Melissa “the small one.” @sasawong1991

Born and raised in North East London, I’ve got some great eating spots, fresh fruit and veg on my doorstep. Usually every Saturday, you’d find me down the market grabbing my fresh fruit and vegetables and all for a £1 a bowl! Born to Chinese Mauritian parents, I hope to bring to the blog a great mix of recipes to showcase my culture and heritage.

I’m a keen writer and blogger, with a love of food. You can usually find me eating my way through London’s restaurants and cafés or travelling to distant countries for a more authentic taste. I have a passion for travelling, and hope to one day travel the world.

You can find my most recent pieces on my other personal blog, or see more published work on the Timeout Beijing & Great British Chefs website.

Jonathan “the tall one.” @jon_lees

Being a UX/UI designer, my attention to detail has always made me appreciate artistry. This explains my soft spot for cakes and pastries. Food can be beautiful, but also nostalgic. Indulging in simple family dishes and classic comfort food, makes food special for me.

Guest appearences, because baking and eating is no fun alone.

Now and again there will be a few guest appearences from one of Melissa’s older sisters, who we will refer to as Pookie. Pookie, is the main reason behind Melissa’s love of cake and all things sweet. Due to Pookie’s love of baking the kitchen cupboard is never empty or short on kitchen gadgets!

Another little person you will see a lot of is Melissa’s little niece, who we will call Nana Bean. Aged 5 going on 20 she does enjoy baking because she gets to lick the spoons! Her favourite thing to bake is a crumble. Why? Because she can get her hands right in there and mush everything together!

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